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Basic Company Registration

Company Information

Proposed Company Name

This is your Company name. Not to worry if neither proposed names are available,  we will be in contact and you can suggest as many as necessary to get it right.

Company Activities

Description of the activities of your company. Please be as detailed as possible to prevent any delays in company formation.

Registered Office Address

The CRO use the Registered Address to send reminders about Company Annual Returns. In general, this is the address of the company accountant. The Registered Address can be a residential address and be changed at any time with the CRO.

Trading Office Address

The Trading Address is the address where company business is conducted.  If the Trading Address is the same as the Registered address, leave this section blank.

Share Capital

What defines a limited company is that the owners are liable only for what they have invested in the company. In other words, the value of the shares they own.

Authorised Shares

This is the maximum number of shares that a company can issue. We recommend keeping this at 100,000 shares. 

Issued Shares

Issued shares is the actual number of shares the company has issued to owners.  Standard practice is to set this to 100 shares.  These shares will be allocated on the next page.

Share Price

Here we specify the value of each share. Again, standard practice is to set this to €1 per share.


The Director is responsible for the management and running of the company. You must add at least one director up to a maximum of five and one of the directors must be a resident of the European Economic Area (Ireland, EU, Norway, Iceland & Switzerland)

Other Directors

Provide details of the directors first and last name, occupation, nationality, address with eircode, date of birth and their percentage ownership.

Additional Information

Provide any information about the company not already contained within the application

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